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How to Wallpaper the floor with your hands

The original way to design the floor in the apartment-pasting with Wallpaper. Looks like a coating with the right selection of the picture is very beautiful. And that it turned out to be high-quality and served for a long time, it is necessary to clearly follow the instructions of specialists on how to properly perform work with their hands.

Necessary tools and materials
Some tools and materials for wallpapering

Некоторые инструменты и материалы для поклейки обоев



For pasting the floor suitable only paper Wallpaper without decorative elements on the surface. Non-woven or vinyl materials are not recommended because they are airtight and can peel off during operation.

Wallpaper pattern is selected, focusing on your own taste and the overall finish of the room. It can be a traditional imitation of wood or natural stone, as well as any ornaments, including 3D options.

For work will need also:

PVA glue;
spatulas-small and wide;
several brushes for applying glue and varnish;
rubber roller;
dry rags;
water-based varnish.
Step by step instructions
The process of pasting the floor Wallpaper

The process of pasting the floor Wallpaper, in General, does not differ from the walls and consists of three stages.

Процесс оклейки пола обоями


  Substrate preparation
For pasting Wallpaper fits perfectly smooth surface, preferably a concrete screed. If the floors in the room are plank, they must first be covered with plywood. All the potholes and cracks close up a plaster, bulges grind an emery paper.

An important condition for obtaining a good result is the perfect purity of the coating: each speck will later turn into a bulge and spoil the appearance. Therefore, the floor before pasting washed and dried.

If the flooring is made of new plywood boards, they are pre-coated with linseed oil. The painted floor is primed with a solution of varnish and water in a ratio of 1:1.

Room with a floor papered with floral Wallpaper

After preparation of the base proceed to the main stage of work:

On the cut strip of Wallpaper of the desired size, glue is applied and rolled up with a book for better impregnation. To speed up the work, you can immediately spread 2-3 strips.
Just before laying Wallpaper promazyvayut strip of the floor, the material is well slid and smoothed.
The first strip is laid on the floor and smoothed with a dry rag and a rubber roller. On the Wallpaper should not be bubbles, creases, and wrinkles. For effective smoothing, a small amount of glue is applied to the outside of the coating. This technique allows you to create a solid and smooth layer of Wallpaper on the floor.
The next strip is pasted end-to-end to the first. Location even with a small overlap is unacceptable because it will violate the smoothness of the coating.
Floor varnish

The final stage of the work is the coating of the floor with varnish in several layers. Each of them should be allowed to dry for at least a day. Experts advise to apply 3 coats of varnish. After drying of the last in places of joints of walls with a floor it is necessary to establish plinths of the corresponding color.

Properly executed floor covering with Wallpaper will allow you to obtain a beautiful, lasting, and durable finish. It has a long coat of varnish should be renewed every year.

Покрытие пола лаком



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