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How to build a garage cheaply: useful tips

If you are interested in how cheap to build a garage with your own hands, use a selection of tips for Thrifty owners. The structure should be comfortable and durable, but it is not necessary to use expensive materials. Among all their diversity, you can choose affordable, but practical.

What is better to make a Foundation
the Foundation for the garage

фундамент для гаража


For the garage, a tape base is more suitable. Its height should be at least 0.3-0.5 m above ground level, otherwise, groundwater will penetrate inside. For the Foundation you can use several types of materials:

precast concrete blocks;
concrete with subsequent reinforcement;
cinder block.
Of these, it is most profitable to use a concrete mixture. Before installing the Foundation, also think in advance whether there will be an observation pit. It is equipped at the same time as him.

For flooring use the following materials:

a mixture of sand and gravel.
What materials to use for walls
Construction of the garage with their own hands

The garage is included in the category of light buildings, the load on it is small — only the roof and rainfall. So there’s no need for thick walls.

Строительство гаража своими руками

You can reduce the cost of construction by using a frame structure or by buying used bricks or foam concrete. But if you use old materials, you will need additional finishing. Then the costs will increase.

The frame itself is made of boards, and the walls are sheathed with OSB-plate or multilayer plywood. Inside the structure can be insulated with mineral wool. If the garage will be adjacent to the house, you can save by not having to build another wall. But it is necessary to properly dock both buildings together.

  How to arrange the roof more profitable
the roof of the garage

крыша гаража

The best option is a pitched roof. It will take less roofing materials and wood to perform crates. As a coating, it is recommended to use profile sheets. In terms of durability, they are not inferior to other materials, and the price difference is significant.

Do I need to save on the gate
garage door

They are installed in the last place after the completion of other construction works. If the materials for the walls or roof can be found cheaper, then when choosing a gate it is better not to save. The safety of the car depends on its strength. Gates must be metal. Fit the usual swing option. To extend the service life, they are covered with paint in 2-3 layers.

To understand how to make a garage with minimal costs, it is recommended to conduct a preliminary calculation of materials, and then to search for affordable options.

ворота для гаража


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