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5 expensive things in the apartment that speak about the bad taste of the owner

Even the most expensive design repairs can spoil some interior details. The presence of expensive things in the house sometimes does not decorate it in any way, but on the contrary, it is reported that the owner of the apartment has absolutely no taste.

«Palace» decor

About 10 years ago it became very fashionable to turn their houses and apartments into palaces and the owners with great pleasure completed the columns in the rooms, made arches, decorated the ceilings and walls with stucco. And if You still have this «beauty», then try to immediately get rid of it (of course, if you do not live in Versailles) — large rooms such decor turns into a Museum, and in typical panel apartments and does look ridiculous.

Velvet in finish

Furniture upholstered in velvet, decorated with embroidery, with a bunch of pillows looks more or less attractive in the exhibition hall of a furniture store. But, as soon as you move it to your apartment, you will understand how wrong-pretentious furniture visually «steals» square meters. Despite the high cost, such furniture looks cheap, and over time its pretentious design will wildly irritate.

Plenty of mirrors

After reading that mirrors and glossy surfaces visually increase the space and give it sophistication, the owners of apartments begin to turn all their furniture into an ice rink, and hang mirrors where they should not be in principle (for example, on the ceiling). Mirrors and gloss should be accents in the interior of the room, but not its basis.

Complex pelmets

For some reason, this «fashion» trend of the early 2000s will not leave us and still, in the houses you can see the composition of curtains and curtains. If you do not want to turn your window into a theatrical curtain, forget about drapery and ruffles — give preference to light textiles, which will give comfort to the room.

Abundance of decorative vases

It is not necessary to disfigure their dwelling attributes «rich» life. These include decorative vases that can be placed around the perimeter of the entire apartment. And if you add artificial flowers to them, you will get the nightmare of any interior designer. Decorative vases are difficult to pick up on their own so that they fit into the design of the room. It is better to buy a pair of glass vases that will look organically in any room and put them only live bouquets of flowers.

The presence of an unlimited number of finances is not a guarantee that the owner of these finances has good taste. If possible, when planning interior design hire a specialist who will tell you how you can decorate a particular room.





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