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3 main advantages of a combined bathroom, which few people guess

Often a combined bathroom is the result of redevelopment, during which the partition between the bathroom and the toilet is dismantled. It turns out a more spacious and functional room. Supporters of combining two zones into one point to 3 main advantages of such a solution.

The possibility of an interesting plan

In the resulting room, there is an opportunity to reconsider the approach to space planning. The toilet can be moved and put in the corner, unfolding diagonally. If the room is large, the bidet with a toilet from the bathroom or shower is separated by a decorative partition or sink. The zoning element becomes apparent. Emphasize the visual division of the room can be using a different shade or texture of the walls-only it should not be contrasting.

Often, when combining a bathroom, there is a rejection of the traditional bathroom in favor of a shower cabin. In this case, you can choose as a stationary prefabricated model, and make a shower area yourself. For this purpose, it is enough to provide a bias of a floor towards a drain ladder on a floor and a partition from splashes. It is better to make it from glass: transparent, relief, semi-matt. This material looks stylish, it is moisture-resistant and visually does not weigh down the space.

Less money for repairs

Due to the fact that one wall is dismantled, the finishing of the bathroom will take less material and money. Usually, the walls and floor are tiled, and this material is not cheap. To redevelopment justified itself in terms of savings, it is necessary to properly carry out preparatory activities.

The fact that the dismantling of the partition remains a section of the floor, not covered with waterproofing material. Therefore, the first thing that will need to be done is to dismantle the flooring and completely cleaned the base to repair, align and waterproofing. As waterproofing, it is better to use mastic, which creates a monolithic layer. Apply it with the institution on the walls to a height of at least 10 cm.


There are situations when you need to add usable space adjacent to the toilet rooms, so remodeling may include not only the dismantling of internal walls, and external migration. Usually, this method is used when it is necessary to expand the corridor or kitchen. It is necessary to act carefully, not to the detriment of the bathroom. It should remain comfortable and safe.


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